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freedom to change and new outcomes

Sense Unlimited

Your brain is wired to make sense and make choices for you to act effectively. You probably recognize that you are looking for patterns and motives that you can easily decode.
But this kind of almost natural and automated thought process can tempt you to generalize. The leap is small for you to make simplified conclusions and stories about yourself, other people, and the world that surrounds you. The recipe for you to feeling stuck.
Let's challenge your accepted truths so that you can get more freedom to change and new outcomes!
”...Thomas' ability of strategic positioning was a valuable asset to Institute of Surface Chemistry (YKI) during a transformative time of Swedish research institutes.”
Martin Malmsten, Professor and Director, Copenhagen University
“Together with Thomas, I could not only raise my sight for the company and create new strategic opportunities, but more importantly, with Thomas I could prepare myself for how to anchor this with my stake holders.”
Anna Stenstam, CEO at CR Competence AB
”When I lost my leadership position due to restructuring, Thomas was really good at pushing me to see things from unexpected new angles. With his strong professionalism and extensive experience, Thomas provided high level coaching and counseling. With Thomas' help, I came back to my values, which brought about life-changing events... and a new job!”
Susanne Smidt, Lundbeck A/S
”Thomas provided sharp, testable and valuable input for our first scientific experiments that would later help fuel the take-off of our company Henlez”
Jeppe Mouritsen, Henlez Founder & CEO
”…Thomas’ positive attitude and ambitious drive was a great inspiration for the team and helped leapfrog the efforts by making the objective tangible and measurable. I strongly recommend Thomas to anyone with a complex and ambitious R&D objective ahead of them.”
Bo Steen-Andersen, CEO Digital Quality Solutions
”At the same time, Thomas is able to create an overview, find the core of the matter and show great empathy in his way of being investigative and questioning. Together with Thomas you are both challenged and thrilled.”
Cand. Psych. Jonas Gustafsson, Specialist in supervision and psychotherapy
"As a conversation about wood-moisture sensors became a learning about the tree's enzymes and from there actually became useful inspiration for a future solution, I could see how valuable Thomas' sparring is. He is both able to really listen so he quickly gets the right understanding, and then using his nano-tech insight to launch brand new trajectories of thoughts.”
Jeppe Rasmussen, Founder, BeResourceful
“Thomas has a deep perspective on technology and science - and he can translate that expertise into the commercial space. In various front-end innovation sessions at Novozymes I always enjoyed working with Thomas, admiring his abilities to sketch opportunities in a holistic way -'from the molecule to the money'.”
Frank-Andreas Hatzack, Senior Consultant, CPH Institute for Futures Studies
”I went on the great discovery with Thomas, and found events and relationships in my life that reminded me of what's important to me. This new attention that I experienced in my conversations with Thomas has had an impact on how I understand myself today and I am eternally grateful to him.”
Troels Bjerg-Nielsen, Senior Consultant, Finansforbundet


Thomas H Callisen

CEO & Founder, PhD

Coaching Sense Unlimited

I am helping my clients and customers to change and new outcomes.


I draw upon my unique combination of skills and insights acquired from 20 years of working with people and complex problems in many settings - from basic research, green innovation, management and customer collaborations in the business world to narrative coaching.


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  • Responsible for business innovation and new strategic technology platforms for more sustainable living utilizing enzymatic solutions.

  • Driving force behind biophysical and bio-science discoveries with applications within biotech, food, material and healthcare.

  • Leader of international project teams - from strategic innovation projects to business to business (B2B) and public-private partnering (PPP) projects.

  • Advisor in science as well as within business and organizational development for startups and established companies.

  • Process facilitator – from B2B business creation to culture and collaboration projects across organizations.

  • Certified narrative coach – helping out young as well as elderly people through their professional and private problems.


freedom to change and new outcomes

Sense Unlimited


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