• Builds a better foundation for navigating your life through narrative coaching.

  • Guides you towards living your personal values.

  • Supports you to work on creating a more preferred self-understanding.

  • Gives you the courage to vitalizing significant relations in your life.

  • Helps you to making more meaningful choices for your career and your life.

Get in closer contact with your values and what matters in your relations

I can help you to get closer to your values and what is important to you in your relations. Together, we will explore your own and other peoples stories about your life. We will talk about your hopes and dreams, and bring forward sides of you and your relations that will give you clearer direction and meaning in your life ahead of you.


I can support you in getting an arm's length to your self-understanding, which is shaped, among other things, by key events in your life, relations, cultures and norms that you are embedded in. We will work on how your thoughts and actions may change what becomes significant to you in your self-understanding.


I can increase your awareness of freedom connected with your working life - to make new choices and actions that will become more meaningful to you. I can inspire you to live more authentically and help you creating a stronger base for living your life.



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I am fascinated by the individuals and music in Wim Wender's "Buena Vista Social Club" ... by the power the renewed community has on their self-understanding and experience of meaning in their lives.

”When I lost my leadership position due to restructuring, Thomas was really good at pushing me to see things from unexpected new angles. With his strong professionalism and extensive experience, Thomas provided high level coaching and counseling. With Thomas' help, I came back to my values, which brought about life-changing events... and a new job!”
Susanne Smidt, Lundbeck A/S
”At the same time, Thomas is able to create an overview, find the core of the matter and show great empathy in his way of being investigative and questioning. Together with Thomas you are both challenged and thrilled.”
Cand. Psych. Jonas Gustafsson, Specialist in supervision and psychotherapy
”Thomas has previously helped me with narrative coaching in connection with a job change, where he used his creative approach to focus on future concrete opportunities. Thomas' strength is focus, presence and a genuine interest and ability to familiarize himself with people's work and personal situations.”
Christian Thyssen, HR Director
”I went on the great discovery with Thomas, and found events and relationships in my life that reminded me of what's important to me. This new attention that I experienced in my conversations with Thomas has had an impact on how I understand myself today and I am eternally grateful to him.”
Troels Bjerg-Nielsen, Senior Consultant, Finansforbundet