• Reboots your brain-storming and idea generation.

  • Strengthens your maturation of ideas from proof-of-concept to prototype.

  • Helps you to construct and navigate scenario-landscapes.

  • Creates greater meaning and energy in your organization with narrative team building.

  • Guides you towards a culture of clearer value-based decisions and actions.

Unleash innovation and collaboration in your organization and with your partners

I can help you develop your way of thinking about innovation and collaboration, by offering you new dimensions to how you are working, and by giving you new perspectives on how to engage better with your relations and the world around you.


When you need to mature your ideas, create proof-of-concept and develop a prototype solution, I can guide you to systematically working with success criteria and scenarios that you may need to navigate in.


I can create the foundation for a more creative and collaborative culture - in your team and in your organization. We start with your values and what is meaningful to you, your colleagues and your external stakeholders.


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What happens if you are acting on simplistic conclusions about yourself, other people and the world? I often revisit "The Big Lebowski" by the Cohen brothers - a movie that contains numerous inspirering and grotesque examples on this topic.

“…Thomas has the great ability to bring scientific discussions to another level, to come up with new ideas and to propose concrete ways forward to advance scientific projects...”
Fanny Longin, Director Project & Alliance Management at Camurus AB
”…Thomas’ positive attitude and ambitious drive was a great inspiration for the team and helped leapfrog the efforts by making the objective tangible and measurable. I strongly recommend Thomas to anyone with a complex and ambitious R&D objective ahead of them.”
Bo Steen-Andersen, CEO Digital Quality Solutions
“Together with Thomas, I could not only raise my sight for the company and create new strategic opportunities, but more importantly, with Thomas I could prepare myself for how to anchor this with my stake holders.”
Anna Stenstam, CEO at CR Competence AB
”As a colleague in several major research projects, I know Thomas as an extremely competent researcher with a keen eye for processes, business and the importance of a trusting, rewarding and fun collaboration.”
Professor Thomas Bjørnholm, Executive Chief Scientific Officer at the VELUX Foundations
”Thomas doesn’t settle with status quo and seeks solutions beyond the obvious. As an innovation facilitator I have experienced Thomas to have the right balance of steering and letting attendees explore new ideas. Thomas made the process both lively and productive.”
Morten Tovborg, Senior Scientist at Novozymes
”As former CEO of LINX (Linking X-rays and Neutrons to Industry), Thomas was a very active partner. At the same time, he is mastering a win-win mentality and a strong focus on creating value, both in identifying new white-space opportunities and in making research relevant to industry. Thomas remains an important and competent connection in my new role as responsible for Innovation and Industry Collaboration with the European Spallation Source (ESS)...”
Jimmy Binderup Andersen, CEO Scientific Innovation, ESS
“…Thomas is the one that asks the right questions and is excellent at motivating others working with him to find answers. These answers can sometimes be non obvious but, upon inspection, turn out to be the best ones. Besides the innovation side, Thomas is an outstanding scientist with specialties in small molecule surface interactions. I am proud to have worked with Thomas…”
Kirk Schnorr, Senior Scientist at Novozymes
“Thomas has a deep perspective on technology and science - and he can translate that expertise into the commercial space. In various front-end innovation sessions at Novozymes I always enjoyed working with Thomas, admiring his abilities to sketch opportunities in a holistic way - 'from the molecule to the money'.”
Frank-Andreas Hatzack, Senior Consultant, CPH Institute for Futures Studies
“For our workshop on "the good work day", Thomas helped us tell stories to each other about what was meaningful and made us happy in our working day. We talked about what we did in specific situations that were special to us, and what significance our colleagues, patients, and their relatives had in those situations. Our conversations gave us fresh inspiration and reminded us to involve each other more and hold on to the positive actions that create a good working day for everyone. Many thanks to Thomas!”
Martin Rudnicki, Professor, MD, DM Sci Ass. Editor AOGS, Odense University Hospital